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Laser Treatments

Rio Grande Dermatology has the two best laser treatments on the market

There are literally hundreds of lasers on the market these days. We offer what we feel are the two best lasers on the market today based upon medical evidence. These systems, Fraxel and V-Beam, have been clearly shown to provide safe and effective results.

V-Beam Laser at Rio Grande Dermatology

The V-Beam Laser is by far the best treatment for unwanted facial and leg veins, with the exception of varicose veins. It’s also used to treat red spots, certain types of scars, red stretch marks, the facial veins of rosacea and, in some cases, warts. V-Beam treatments are quick, usually requiring only 15 to 20 minutes.

The Latest in Laser Hair Removal: LightSheer XC and LightSheer Duet

The LightSheer XC and LightSheer Duet are the only FDA approved laser products on the market proven to permanently remove hair on all skin types. They offer superior results by safely and effectively treating all skin types including tanned skin and any range of hair colors, diameters and depths. The length of the appointment will vary depending on the area and amount of hair being removed: a small area such as the upper lip may require a few minutes, however, more than one treatment may be required to treat larger areas of the body. All of our laser technicians are certified by the manufacturer to provide the best and safest treatments possible.

If you have questions about laser treatments or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact Rio Grande Dermatology.