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V-Beam Laser

The V-Beam is considered the laser of choice for treating unwanted facial veins. It is also very effective at treating leg veins, red spots (cherry hemangiomas) and thickened, red scars such as keloid scars. It can also be used to treat red stretch marks and, in some cases, can be used to treat stubborn warts (skin infection). The V-Beam laser can very effectively and perhaps permanently improve the facial redness and facial veins of rosacea.

new mexico v beam laserV-beam Laser Selectively Targets

The principle by which the V-beam laser works is quite simple. The wavelength of the V-Beam’s laser energy is only absorbed by red blood cells flowing inside of capillaries and veins. The laser, therefore, is not absorbed by other structures in the skin, such as the epidermis, the dermis, hair follicles or the pigment melanin. This means the laser selectively targets the unwanted veins and/or capillaries, without influencing or damaging other components of the skin.

15 to 20 Minute Treatment

One treatment is often all that’s necessary to eradicate unwanted veins, but in some cases 2, or even 3, treatments may be necessary depending on the extent of the problem being treated. Varicose veins CANNOT be treated effectively with the V-Beam laser. At Rio Grande Dermatolgy, the V-Beam treatment is very quick, typically requiring only about 15 to 20 minutes. Discomfort is mild to moderate.

What To Expect

After a V-Beam treatment, the patient can expect to experience some bruising of the treated areas. Depending upon how aggressively the patient desires the treatment to be administered, the bruising can last up to 2 weeks. With gentle treatments, the bruising can be very mild and resolve over a weekend. There is a direct relationship between the degree of results and the degree of bruising. The more aggressive the treatment, the more severe the bruising, but the better the results.

Outside of bruising that should be expected, other complications are quite rare. Discoloration of the treated region, particularly excessive brown pigmentation can sometimes occur when treating leg veins of individuals with darker skin.

Rio Grande’s V-Beam treatment prices are based upon the size of the region being treated. Please contact us if you are interested in laser treatments.