Our Staff

The staff at Rio Grande Dermatology is committed to providing the ultimate in patient-centered service. We treat each and every patient with courtesy, respect and kindness. You will see these values demonstrated in the way our receptionists answer the phone and the way you are treated by the medical team. We feel that making a patient sit in the waiting room to wait for a physician who is running behind schedule is disrespectful. Rio Grande Dermatology therefore endeavors to run our clinic on time by not overbooking. Don’t be surprised if you don’t get the opportunity to get caught up on your reading while you wait to be seen.

The physicians of Rio Grande Dermatology are honored that patients entrust us with their care and we don’t take this honor lightly. We get to know our patients and we prefer to maintain a friendly collaborative relationship rather than a stereotypical doctor-patient relationship in which the doctor “talks-down” to the patient.

Our medical assistants were selected to work at Rio Grande Dermatology due to their qualities of genuine kindness and caring. They are excellent and invaluable assistants.

Our receptionists and laser technicians are delightfully friendly and accommodating. They have a very intimate understanding of the nuances of dermatology and are therefore equipped to understand patient concerns.

Practice Manager – Francine O Montano – [email protected]